Supplier Spotlight: Two River Mushroom

Two River Mushroom is our supplier of high-quality, USDA organic mushrooms. Based on 25-acre Mighty Dare Farms in historic Millstone, N.J., Two River Mushroom has been servicing local restaurants, grocers, and home chefs for nearly a decade.

Founded by science teacher K.C. Sullivan, Two River Mushroom specializes in exotic mushrooms that offer additional health benefits. Lions Mane mushroom (the star ingredient of our Crabless Cakes), for example, has been shown to promote nerve growth, and may help with cognition or neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Two River Mushroom also grows other mushroom varietals such as Shiitake, Oyster, Maitake, and Chestnut.

The team at Two River Mushroom is passionate about preserving the environment and sustainability is at the heart of their operations. They cultivate their mushrooms using circular farming practices and funnel the carbon-dioxide that the mushrooms produce during the incubation process into a Plant Room, where they grow lettuce, kale, and other greenery. This greenery in return produces oxygen that they pump out into the environment, instead of the original carbon dioxide.

In addition, they compost all of the substrate used to grow the mushrooms after harvest via a massive on-site compost pile. The compost is nutrient-rich and 95% of plants have a symbiotic relationship with the fungi produced in the pile. All of this excess material is returned to Earth, and used on Mighty Dare Farms for growing vegetation, or sold at local Farmer’s Markets.

Two River Mushrooms and Mighty Dare Farms view their business as a demonstration project to show how an organization can profit while also helping out the environment.

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